Diatone Notice to Pilots

Jun Shi February 23 at 9:28pm In order to provide a better flight experience, we recommend the following guidelines. !You must to read this warning message!

Please take a brief moment to read the following before taking your quad of the box. This information will help avoid problems and help troubleshoot future issues.

1.During assemble from the factory we flash our hardware with known compatible versions on both the Flight controller and ESC. New versions of these firmwares may contains bug or other compatibility issues and we do NOT recommend changing the firmware versions on the ESC, FC or any other hardware. Please send an email to Service.Support@diatone.hk to find the current firmware version, or visit our Facebook Group Diatone Innovations. Upgrading will void any warranty from Diatone and limit support available.

2.The screws holding the motors to the arms must be a specific length or they will contact the windings in the motors and short the motor. Once a motor is shorted in the manner, the motor is dead. The screw should be 2mm longer then the thickness of the arm.

3.The motor screws must also not be over tightened. The M3 screw is tightened to 0.65-0.76Nm and M2 to 0.3Nm. This is a standard for 6061 aluminum alloy of which the motors are constructed from. This torque is roughly “hand tight”. Over torquing the screws can strip the linings from the holes in the motor, please use care.

4.Please do not wrap or completely cover the ESC. The ESC requires air to cool, and when completely covered heat can not dissipate causing increased risk off damage.

5.Before each flight please do a quick preflight. Make sure the VTX antenna is tight, motor nuts are tight, props on correctly and the ship is in flyable condition. This will reduce inflight accidents and other damage.

If have any question please send email to Service.Support@diatone.hk and we will contact to you as soon as possible .