Diatone Edge 2306-2450 KV Brushless Motor

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Yet another great motor from Diatone. I would recommend the Gemfan 5152 for max speed, the Cyclone 5046 for a little less top end, but better low end, or the Cyclone or Emax 2 bladed 5050 props for fast acceleration, and less top end.

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These are the newest motors from Diatone and can be found on the GT2 2017 quads. The Edge series is custom wind for Diatone to maximize the performance of any 200 size quad. These have silver windings and a very clean blue finish. They were designed to run the Gemfan 5152 props, but will work great with Dal Cyclone 5046 (my favorite). I like these better then the Emax 2306 because the shaft is slightly longer and the lock nuts fit better on the shaft with the Cyclone props.


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