How to Become a Dealer

Dealer Information.

   Welcome to our dealer information page.  If you are here, you are interested in becoming a dealer.  The process is very simple and you will be selling our products in no time!

Step 1. Please make an account on our website.  This ensures that you have access to the website and we have the correct shipping address and contact information for your store. This is very important to make sure there are no disruptions in your first and following orders.

Step2. Using the Contact Us page, please tell us the name you used to make an account.  We will then check your information and make you a dealer if you are approved.

Step 3. Once approved you can order from the site.  We accept orders by fax, telephone, email, or you can place an order on the website itself.  You can setup up the preferred credit card in your account section, which is stored on a separate secure server.

Now that you have the account setup you can order as much as you want!   We do require payment at the time of shipping, and do not offer net terms.  If you do not want backorders, then check out using “Check” method and put a note “no backorders” in the comments section. We will then adjust your order and charge the credit card on file with only the items that are shipped.  We do not keep track of the items that were not in stock, with this method, however we do with backorders.

We ship every day of the week and if the order is in before noon eastern time, it usually goes out that day.  Please be aware that orders with more then 3 lipoly batteries can not be shipped USPS and must be shipped UPS.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.  Not only do we sell RC equipment, we all fly and have built many systems over the years. 

Thank you for you interest with us and we look forward to dealing with you in the future.


Mark Grohe