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2DOGRCs RC WAREHOUSE is a website both for beginners and experienced thrill seekers. This site provides items on the cutting edge of the RC World! The store inventory varies weekly as new items are acquired, and new deals are made!

We are the Distributer for Dualsky Motors, Batteries, and ESC's, Mad Dog Batteries along with some other kits and accessories.  We tested our own brand and now retail and whole the MAD DOG batteries to many hobby stores throughout the world and the states.   All the packs provide balancing taps to pro-long the battery life and get the most power out of each flight.

Why should you buy from us? We have been in the RC business for almost 9 years and plan to stay around longer! We started trading used RC parts on Ebay for over 7 years establishing a great rating and Power Seller status.  During those 9 years, fast shipping and customer service set me apart from other sellers. That honest and sincere business model continues on with this site. The main reason you should spend your hard earned dollars at 2Dogrc's RC Warehouse is that we only carry products we ourselves would buy. By keeping the quality of products high along with great customer service we welcome your initial purchase and look forward to hearing your reviews.

I encourage all customers and browsers in general to send us feedback through the Contact Us page about website performance and product inquires! This feedback will enable me to improve this site to suit your needs better. More customer feedback can be reviewed under the Product Review section.

If you have any questions concerning this website or products carried, please contact us.


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